Self propelled lawn mowers with high performance B&S or Rato engines.
Recommended for large gardens over 1600 m2.
Multi-functional machine: Grass collection, Mulching and side discharge.
Easy starting and self propelled with a speed of 3 Km/h.
Recommended for large areas and semi-professional use.

Comfortable and foldable  upper handle with soft grip to reduce vibrations

Easy to reach pull starter near the handle bar

Self propelled drive system

75 Litres grass bag with dustproof plastic cover

Aluminium box with a bronze gear, steel shaft, double ball bearings in an oil bath. Professional long life transmission. Easy to use.

Mulching plug. Easy to fit and remove. Created in hard durable plastic. The machine has a fine cut with the standard blade which can be improved by fitting an optional mulching blade.

Grass collecting, mulching and side descharge

Water nozzle for easy under deck cleaning when the engine is running.

Centralized height adjustment of rear wheels with one lever and 5 positions and manual adjustement of front wheels with split pins

Our tests

  • Measurement of acoustic emissions
  • Vibration measurement at the handle
  • Cutting element impact tests
  • Object projection tests with 6.5 mm steel balls
  • Structural integrity testing with 13mm steel balls

Length (a) x Width (b) x Height (c)
1600 x 540 x 1000 mm